The idea of a Sunday school for poor and uneducated children began in England in the late 18th century. 17th and 18th centuries experienced the Industrial Revolution in both Europe and the Colonies. Agrarian cultures Transformed into urban centers. There was a need to increase the labor force. As a result, children were placed in factories or the fields.Visionary evangelicals like Robert Raikes devised a plan to gather poor, uneducated working children into education classes on Sundays, the childrens only day off. Clean clothes and learning materials were provided, and instruction given in reading, writing, hygiene and good citizenship. The churches hoped that this effort would serve the dual purpose of bettering the future of society and curbing the rampant delinquency. Though neither evangelism nor religious training were the expressed goals of the new schools, there was the hope that the morality taught, being based on the truths of Scripture, might bring about a transformation in the hearts of the children. And so the Sunday school was born.

  Sunday Schools in India
   The history of Sunday school activities in the Indian Pentecostal churches is as old as the history of the churches itself. Soon after the formation of the Pentecostal churches during the 1930s, Sunday School had also started with the aim of training the younger generation. In 1960, Pastor K.J. Samuel, the architect of IPC Sunday School Association had initiated to form the IPC 'Sunday School Samajam'. He was its first President. Under the care of Pastor K.E. Abraham, the founder of India Pentecostal Church of God, Sunday school movement had flourished. Later it was known as - the IPC Sunday School Association, which is now spread world-wide among the IPC churches.
   Sunday school ministries have been active in Churches of IPC Maharashtra since 1993. Currently the Sunday school ministry under IPC Maharashtra is governed by a board elected by IPC Maharashtra General Body, every 3 years.There are around more than 300 churches under IPC Maharashtra. Most of the local churches has Sunday School. Each Sunday school unit in a local Church functions under a Head Master who ensures the proper functioning of Sunday school ensures student discipline and motivates and guides the teachers. Every Sunday School Teacher is a born again, baptized Christian with a commitment to the word of God and a have a great burden for raising a Godly generation. A Sunday school teacher is a practicing believer who maintains a good spiritual level and moral values. The Sunday school staff understands importance of partnership with parents and our Pastors, as vital, in the molding of young lives. Therefore we are relentless in our efforts to impart unto our children all that God wants us to give.